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Get to Know the CyberCoach Team – Juulia Hellgren


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Juulia is an Account Director at CyberCoach, joining us in April 2023. Since then, she has been passionately building our dynamic Growth Team. Here she shares her experiences on leading a fully remote international team.

One Growth Team Across Time Zones

Our Growth Team members independently manage the entire customer journey across various segments, all while working remotely. While most team members are based in Finland, some are in different locations in Europe. They can work in virtually any country.

How do we keep a global team connected and motivated across different time zones? Juulia shares her thoughts on the benefits, learnings and challenges:

Freedom and Motivation Everyone shapes their work-life to suit them best, whether from an office, home, or another country. This freedom boosts motivation.

Time Zones Scheduling meetings can be a puzzle, especially when team members travel. Planning ahead is crucial to finding common time slots for team meetings, trainings, etc.

Being Available Though you can't stop by my desk, I prioritize responding to my team so that they can work efficiently. Sometimes it can also mean just being a listening ear.

Communication is Key Support needs vary widely. Let your team choose their 1:1 schedule. Written communication is prevalent; clarify rather than guess to avoid misunderstandings.

The 4-Day Week: Opportunity or Challenge?

We’re not your typical cybersecurity nerds. Our 4-day work week helps us to hire diverse talent and challenge industry norms. You can choose your weekly day off, adding flexibility to your schedule. Plan a long weekend or switch it up week-to-week.

This setup benefits the entire company. Positive energy from well-rested team members enhances meetings and overall performance. Happy, focused employees contribute more effectively.

A Week in Juulia’s Life

"In a growth company, there is a lot of different things to be handled to grow and develop. When I started at CyberCoach, it was exciting for me to start building the team and processes from scratch. It’s really motivating to see the progress that we are achieving every day. The beauty of CyberCoach is that it suits any kind of company, thus it is very rewarding to reason any company can benefit of it."

"My weeks consist of my own sales, developing sales practices and processes, materials, recruiting, onboarding and overall guiding and leading the Growth Team. The best part? My weeks are very different from each other and I work best in a so called controlled chaos."

"The 4-day week fuels my energy, allowing me to focus on essentials during those days. Being able to work remotely part of the year from sunny Spain definitely contributes to my work-life balance and happiness."


Juulia's Tips for a Smooth 4-Day Week

  • Block Your Day Off

    Schedule it early to ensure you take your weekly day off, especially in sales.

  • Inform Colleagues

    Let them know your day off so they can reach you beforehand if needed.

  • Prioritize Important Meetings

    Set common days for key meetings. For us, it’s Monday, but missing one occasionally isn’t a big deal.

  • Recharge

    Use your extra day for something rejuvenating. For me, it’s a day at the beach.