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Happy World Press Freedom Day!

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This year marks the 30th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day. A free and independent press is crucial to everyone’s safety and future. What is your organization doing to protect it?

Today, we celebrate the vital role that the media plays in promoting transparency, accountability, and democracy around the world. At the same time, we recognize the significant challenges that journalists and media organizations face in carrying out their essential work, including censorship, harassment, and even violence.

In this environment, it's more important than ever for companies to support media freedom and literacy. Not only is it a moral imperative, but it's also a strategic imperative for businesses that rely on the free flow of information to operate effectively. By promoting media literacy and helping employees develop the skills to identify and combat disinformation, companies can create a more informed and engaged workforce, as well as contribute to a more open and democratic society.

One way that companies can do this is by providing employees with education and training on media literacy and cybersecurity. This is where tools like CyberCoach come in. CyberCoach is a tool for #cybersocialimpact that helps responsible organizations build employee security skills, as well as train employees and their families to recognize and fight disinformation. With its interactive and engaging training modules, CyberCoach can help employees understand the importance of security awareness and media literacy, as well as develop the skills to protect themselves and their organizations against cyber threats.

Of course, training is just one part of the equation. Companies can also support media freedom and literacy by taking concrete actions to protect journalists and media organizations, such as by advocating for press freedom, supporting independent media outlets, and collaborating with civil society groups to promote transparency.

As we mark World Press Freedom Day, let's remember the importance of press freedom, and take action to support it. Whether through education and training, advocacy and support for journalists, or collaboration with civil society groups, every company can play a role in creating a more informed and engaged society.