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Cyber Rebels Unite! Let's Bridge the Digital Skills Gap!

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In today's world, security is a concern that affects all of us. That's why CyberCoach is proud to be coordinating the Cyber Civic Duty campaign in Finland, which aims to decrease the digital skills gap and to get everyone involved in protecting the future of our society.

At a recent security-themed hackathon for young adults at the risk of social exclusion (organised by Vamos), we were blown away by the level of intelligence, innovation, and analytical thinking displayed by the participants. In fact, the topics they raised were exactly the same ones that professionals, authorities, and decision makers are grappling with.

For example, the participants discussed how to ensure GDPR compliance, and one insightful participant compared personal data to nuclear waste–something that should be treated with extreme care and caution. Additionally, the participants brainstormed a range of ideas to increase awareness among citizens of all ages. For example, support avatars that could guide people through their online experience, as well as campaigns and concrete tools to help people stay safe online.

Another topic that came up was how to ensure security on gaming platforms. The participants suggested enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA) to protect players from criminals, as well as ideas to increase awareness of potential threats especially players could face. Finally, they discussed ways to decrease digital footprints and protect privacy through browser add-ons that automatically scan everything you do and make choices on your behalf, minimizing your exposure to third parties and criminals.

So how do we ensure everyone has the knowledge and awareness they need to stay safe online? It's a responsibility that we all share, not just the experts.

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Picture: Vamos